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Asset Risk Management:
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In-Depth Appraisals to Lower Risk On Purchase, Disposal and Reconditioning of Assets

We are an ASSET RISK MANAGEMENT (A.R.M.) Company that does in-depth appraisals to allow clients to understand and lower the risk on purchase, disposal and reconditioning of assets. By increasing knowledge through historical and current assessments risks are reduced, improving the opportunity to avoid losses in asset values.

The A.R.M. team does a complete accredited appraisal and analysis of values, with a comprehensive Condition Report, on all types of assets. We can also do a market cost projection on future values to help set residuals.

A.R.M. services are used by multiple financial institutions , insurance companies, bailiffs and the public to make knowledgeable decisions on their asset values and conditions. A.R.M. supplies our clients with the necessary facts, enabling well informed financial decisions. 




Alberta, Canada  



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Areas of Specialization


Complete accredited appraisals and assessment of values with a condition report on all types of assets.

Consulting services

1)    Disposal of assets
2)    Purchase of assets
3)    Reconditioning of assets
4)    Transportation of assets

Condition reports

Asset Risk Management provides condition reports, and work order & unit serial number verification to your specifications.


Our team attends most major auctions to inspect and assess the condition of equipment and the market settings that determine its values. We use this information to help you make informed disposal or acquisition decisions whether valuations are wholesale, retail, or demand. 

fraud protection

A.R.M. has in-depth knowledge in detecting fraudulent work orders, creative financing, and price setting to help protect our clients against misrepresentation and fraud.  

Records Verification

Physical verification of serial and VIN numbers, repair records and invoices, import forms and inspection histories ensures accurate asset evaluations and property security registrations.

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